How To Travel By Train Sri Lanka?

Matara, Sri Lanka

Why is it worth to visit Sri Lanka

One of the most popular destinations nowadays is Sri Lanka. This beautiful land of white beaches, spectacular mountains, and undulating hillsides have a lot to offer travelers who come here on holiday.

There are a lot of things that you can do while you’re here such as visit in the colorful city of Colombo, exploring some of the beautiful national parks, and spending time at the iconic beach resorts.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you are thinking of a tropical destination in which to visit, Sri Lanka is an ideal location. You will find warm, friendly people, and a diversity of cultural attractions, wonderful weather, and tropical paradise.

You can choose to travel by train or explore the coastal regions on foot. Once you’ve explored this wonderful country, you’ll understand why it’s considered a favorite with holidaymakers for a good number of years.

Try to explore Sri Lanka by train

How To Travel By Train in Sri Lanka? Tourists always travel by train from their home countries to the south Indian state. The train journey will take almost all types of people to their destination, whether they’re coming by air or sea. Trains stop at each and every point along the way so that the trip is easy and convenient for everyone.

Many express services provide extra comfort and more value for money for those who wish to spend more time on the beach. These services provide excellent accommodation, including clean and comfortable accommodation. They also offer a wide choice of meals and entertainment, and they often include day trips to popular beaches, adventure activities and sightseeing tours.

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Tourists can book their tickets in advance to avoid disappointment if they plan to travel by train from elsewhere in the country. It is very easy to buy tickets online. In fact, the whole process can be completed online. At times, online booking can save up to 80% compared to any other train travel option.

travel by train

Besides the low fares, one of the best features of traveling by train is that you can do it from any part of the country. During your train trip, you can experience more, because you have more time and another perspective to admire this beautiful land. Moreover, the journeys are convenient and comfortable.

The train service covers all the major cities in Sri Lanka. You can go back and forth between Colombo. However, it is also possible to travel to other cities like Galle, Lampung, Colombo, and Plovdiv. A number of these cities have picturesque natural landscapes as well, making them ideal places to explore.

Tourists are provided with round the clock reception service at all stations. That means you can have a full and hearty breakfast. You can also enjoy a delightful cup of coffee or tea. You can make use of the facilities in the dining car and enjoy your stay with friends and family.

No matter what type of holidaymaker you are, Sri Lanka is a destination that is known all over the world. There are tours and rail services available in all major countries to help holidaymakers find a perfect destination for their holiday and get the most out of their trip.

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Basic e-visa Sri Lanka information

When you are planning your holiday trip to Sri Lanka, you should start with some proper research on what documents will be necessary. In the case of Sri Lanka, you will need to own a passport and Electronic Travel Authorization.

Check if your passport will be valid during your stay because it is really important. eTA is a new travel authorization system that allows you to obtain essential documents without leaving your house.


All of the formalities can be done online, all you need to do is open and fill out an application form, save and send it and pay the application fee. ETA is issued online and is electronically connected with your passport.

Awaiting time shouldn’t be longer than 3 business days. The Tourist eTA validity period is 6 months and allows its holder to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days.

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