Travel To Oman In December

Oman Spectacular Coast line

Looking for the best time to visit Oman? Travel to Oman in Decenber

To get a real feel of Oman, you need to plan your trip during the warm months of the year. Autumn and winter are best for visiting Oman, but spring is just as exciting and if you can make it throughout the cooler months, you will truly have a taste of the Gulf.

The best time to visit Oman is during the summer months when the temperature is milder and the months from October and to December are the most pleasant.


If you do visit Oman during the winter months you will enjoy what Oman has to offer during the warm months. But, the winters are so short that it may be difficult to see all that there is to see, especially when traveling by air.

If you wish to see everything, you may find it advantageous to take a guide who can take you to the region’s top sights.

What to see in Oman

The three main attractions in Oman, with many others close by, are: The Grand Mosque, The Mina, and The Al Ain Sands. The Grand Mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an awesome place to visit. There are many different mosques in Oman, all of which are of a similar style.

The Grand Mosque is said to have a great air of tranquility that many tourists have described as magical. While many tourists take this opportunity to spend their day, staying in Grand Mosque there are plenty of opportunities to spend your time while exploring.

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Some of the amazing views of the bay and coast will not be available until you have had a good look around the area, allowing you to view the area as a whole.

camel riding

The Mina is a peninsula on the Gulf of Oman, but it is one of the best places to go diving in the world.

It has a high pressure system that helps to create rock pools on its surface, many of which have beautiful coral reefs. You will be amazed at the variety of marine life you will see here.

Al Ain is also in the winter months. The weather here is usually warm and the hotel accommodation is almost always first class. When you do get a chance to visit this area, stay in the hotels as well as the beachfront luxury villas to gain the greatest experience of all.

The Al Qassam Mosque is a spectacular building and you will love the beautiful Al Qassam wall paintings. The grandest of the Mosques in Oman, you can walk through the grounds or get up close and personal with the thousands of oriental carpets and carpentry work on the floors. It is a peaceful setting but be sure to visit the Western Wall where Jews were allowed to pray.

e-Visa to Oman – basic informations

it is possible to obtain an electronic visa to Oman completely online. It is way easier than before, because you don’t have to visit the embassy or deal with loads of formalities. To get e-visa to Oman you just need to have a passport (a valid one!) and internet connection.

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It is extremelly important to check if the expiration time of your passport matches the date of your journey. The application form can be filled out from your home so it is a huge advantage. Everything can be made online.

Passport with  credit card

To proceed with your application you need to attach a scan of the information page from your passport and your formal photo. After the application fe eis paid you will receive confirmation email. The grated visa will also appear in your mailbox.

There are three different types of e-visa available to choose,it all depends on how long you are planning stay in Oman: 10 days, 30 days, and multiple entry e-visa for 30 days. Awaiting time usually takes up to 72 hours.

If Oman is just a quick stop during your journey to other destination, you don’t need to obtain e-Visa, but your stay in Oman cannot exceed six hours.

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